MLAB Being Used as a Field Station Mobile Literacy Arts Bus

The Mobile Field Station offers up different ways of knowing natural surroundings through drawing – including observation, classification and field notes. The project offers an opportunity to study botany in three scales – real size, in dissection and at the cellular level. Participants are invited to use a variety of drawing material, microscopes, and magnifying lenses to observe and respond to moss species. The drawing experiments conclude in drawing directly on a repurposed library card to be added to the Mobile Field Station’s moss archive.

The curriculum of the Mobile Field Station emphasizes a STE(A)M approach to learning – in that art operates at the intersection of science, technology and math and includes collaboration, trial and error, divergent thinking skills, brainstorming, communicating ideas and problem solving – through drawing and sketching.

The Mobile Field Station is a combined moss lab/ drawing studio / looking herbarium that will travel from site to site creating an artistic archive and knowledge bank of native moss. Moss tells a story of the environment in which it grows. The study of moss in this way celebrates attentiveness to place, smallness, and indigenous ways of knowing.

MLAB also utilizes Visual Thinking Strategies: and inquiry based method of learning that relies solely on the facilitator inviting viewers to see, describe what they see, paraphrase and look again- and in this way find meaning.

See more information on VTS here

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