Mobile Literacy Arts Bus

MLAB began with the purchase of a 1984 American Eagle RV. With a total of $30k from two grants, my yearlong class of nine students gutted, renovated and then programmed this used RV into a mobile digital lab, poetry library and community gallery to offer arts education to city schools. With one set of cameras, a set of art and poetry books and two graduate student teachers, the re-furbished MLAB travelled to 12 city schools a year – over the next three years offering art and creative writing programs to elementary, middle and high school students.

MLAB created a liminal zone – a new geography – attached to but outside of the school building. It was a threshold space that moved from place to place sharing a set of resources, where new creative experiences were triggered by the fact of being both within/and outside of the traditional school classroom. As a design model I adapted the artists collective Group Materials idea of “everyone does everything.” The assembly line production of the scrap floor exemplified this concept. We created a open transformable classroom space where students were able to perch at different heights on stools that also became countertops using drawing boards that reversed as cushion seating.

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